What is the difference between Custom website and templates?

When you are ready to jump on this project, the choice can be difficult and confusing.

There are thousands of options available with a variety of features, and costs!

Whether tailor-made or ready to use, a website is a template, built from various page templates.

Most of the time an out-of-the-box website solution promise you to have a custom web design, and the site you want without the dev time. No engineering time means a fixed technical architecture, general functionalities, and no flexibility to imagine new functionalities. By definition, it is the contrary of custom website development.

In a custom website project, the design and technical implementation are customized to serve specific marketing objectives. The website is built to respond to present and future business needs. In addition, some functionalities include e-commerce, API, and advanced design.

When deciding between the 2 options make sure to evaluate how important each of the following criteria is to your business: 

  • conveing your brand
  • functionality
  • SEO results
  • time to build
  • ROI

Custom website development costs are relatively higher than website templates, but they offer numerous benefits that give you a competitive advantage:

  • search engine-friendly
  • customer-centric
  • scalability
  • performance
  • security

And perhaps the most important is with a custom website development, you are the owner of your investment and not the life tenant.

Above all, TAM TAM Agency can only recommend opting for a personalized online showcase to differentiate yourself and give a competitive advantage to your brand. At TAM TAM agency we create a custom website that will address your specific goals in order to help your business grow and thrive.

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