DevOps Services

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DevOps Culture

TAM TAM has always strived to optimize its customer satisfaction and to provide value-added solutions in a swift fashion. This is the essence of the DevOps culture.

Basing itself on the DevOps culture, TAM TAM's development and operations teams have always worked in tandem.

Our agency facilitates communication and the sharing of expert knowledge, which allows for automation and optimized efficiency in project delivery.

The DevOps culture enhances the innovative capacity of the different TAM TAM teams, which all hold the same objective of continuously improving their processes.

DevOps Tools

To streamline, accelerate and automate the different steps of website and app development, TAM TAM utilizes tools that are based on the fundamental principles of DevOps:

  • Planning through Jira
  • Code versioning through GitLab
  • Environment virtualization with Docker, Ansible, Vagrant
  • Unit testing through PHP Unit and functional testing through Behat
  • Automated deployment
  • Monitoring through Nagios

DevOps Practices

The entirety of TAM TAM's applications are built according to a continuous integration methodology and all feature a multi-version infrastructure (test, development, pre-production, etc...)

Continuous integration is a cornerstone of the DevOps approach and of the Agile method, which aims to fluidify contact between the development and operation of a digital system. Simply put, it allows for the delivery of high-quality code.

Consequently, TAM TAM's team of experts is able to act upon each version of our customer's website, making changes and corrections without affecting the live website.

TAM TAM's clients are involved in this continuous integration platform by validating all of the evolutions and changes made to their website before they are introduced into production.