About us

When 2 super women meet each other with in mind the same expectations in their life, the results are always promising.

Karine is an entrepreneur since 2008 with the creation of TAM TAM in Luxembourg. After strong expertise in large international groups, she decided to become the head of her own company thanks to the support of her friends and family. Today TAM TAM is a well-known agency in Europe.

Beatrice is a well rounded marketing expert with a proven track of record of results in her different positions she had within NEC, ACER and Samsung. After 25 years working in those international groups, she decided to also launch her own marketing consulting company Baliostar.

And then, we met. One is a super-star in Web Development, the other one in International Marketing. It was aimed to be the perfect match! TAM TAM Agency is a partnership of our teams and expertise and focused on the American market.