About us

Step into the world of TAM TAM Agency, where innovation meets global expertise to elevate your brand to new heights. Founded by two visionary French women, our agency is a dynamic force in the realm of international web and marketing solutions, designed specifically for the discerning needs of American companies.

Meet our trailblazing co-founders:

Karine Haddar - A business luminary hailing from Luxembourg, Karine is the driving force behind our creative vision. Before venturing into the American market, she spearheaded the success of TAM TAM Luxembourg Alger, renowned for its top-tier web development and marketing strategies. Karine's commitment to excellence and inventive approach has propelled her ventures to unprecedented heights.

Béatrice Thouvény - With two decades of experience in esteemed international groups and a 25-year expertise in BtB marketing, Béatrice is a strategic powerhouse. Her analytical prowess, honed at industry giants like Samsung, NEC and ACER, coupled with her role on the board of French Chamber of Commerce in Boston, positions her as a key asset to TAM TAM Agency. Béatrice's prior success with her marketing consulting firm, Baliostar, speaks volumes about her strategic thinking abilities.

In 2022, fate intervened, bringing Karine and Béatrice together at a French Chamber of Commerce event in Boston. A meeting of minds transpired, unveiling their shared passion for web development and marketing, along with a mutual ambition to revolutionize the American market with an international perspective. Recognizing the strength of their collaboration, they joined forces to redefine the industry.

At TAM TAM Agency, we are dedicated to providing our clients with bespoke international web and marketing solutions that propel them beyond the competition. In today's dynamic business landscape, effective branding and digital maturity are non-negotiable, and our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to exceeding your expectations.

Operating on a global scale, TAM TAM Agency extends its services to clients worldwide. Our distinctive perspective, shaped by a harmonious fusion of diverse cultural influences, empowers us to craft solutions that resonate across a global audience, transcending cultural boundaries.

Elevate your brand with TAM TAM Agency – where global vision meets unparalleled results.


Karine Haddar & Béatrice Thouveny

Co-Founders of TAM TAM Agency