All you need to know about Branding

Why is it crucial to keep your band consistent?

Brand consistency is a vital component of any business no matter the size. It implies perfect comprehension of your brand message by the clients. Brand consistency is the delivery of brand messaging in line with the brand identity, values, and marketing strategy. It means that your targeted audience is being exposed to core messages, VI (visual identity), and some other elements that are repeatedly exposed and will solidify your brand recognition.

To practice brand consistency, you first need a clear understanding of who you are, what is your added value, who do you want to help (solve their problem) and what solutions you will bring. Brand consistency is achieved if:

  • clients recognize your brand
  • clients clients are well aware of your brand and product benefits
  • clients know what to expect from you
  • clients trust your brand and are being loyal

A consistent brand, through the logo, colors, tone, images are all predictable. With an inconsistent brand, your leads / customers do not know what to expect, and it is distracting. It can make someone question the brand : "is this the same company?" or "do they sell other products?"

Ultimately brand consistency is brand recognition. Every business should strive to be immediately recognizable by their targeted audience. Not only it will help you to build trust with your leads / customers but also will set your brand apart from the competition.

Next question I am sure you are asking yourself is : " How do I keep my brand consistent"? Once you have started to build your logo, decided about the colors, the fonts and the message, you can set the standards for your brand identity by writing it down in a branding guide.

This guide will ensure a consistent brand identity is being executed properly across all your online and sales documents.