logiciel de planning

Maison Esser is the window cleaning specialist in Luxembourg.

When Maison Esser contacted us, they already had a custom-developed software to organize their customer rounds.

The problem was that the users were suffering from the lack of performance of the software in their daily work:

their software no longer supports additional data due to an undersized database system

it has not been regularly maintained to update the technology used,

it does not take into account the evolution of the company's commercial services.

Faced with this type of situation, there are two solutions: upgrade the existing software or create a new one.

After a technical study specific to the company, we opted for the 2nd solution which demonstrated additional benefits.

Creating a new application presented the advantages for an identical budget:

to enlarge the functional scope,

to improve the ergonomic behavior,

to set up a new database system that is very scalable,

to allow the accessibility of the software at a distance (which was not the case with the previous software).

We thus developed the new software in the Symfony framework with the objective of not changing work habits while significantly improving ease of use and performance.

Maison Esser, a specialist in window cleaning and cleaning services, can see its teams, its customer portfolio, its fleet of vehicles and its various commercial services grow very serenely!

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