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MaidinLux, the new concept 100% MADE IN LUXEMBOURG !

The home cleaning market welcomes a new brand that aims to offer its customers a quality of service that meets the standards of the Luxembourg quality of life. 

In this type of commercial project that opens on a blank page, our mission is strategic and calls upon our marketing skills, our knowledge in communication and digital communication and our expertise in web development. 

First of all, it is about creating a strong brand identity, an image and a storytelling that will catch the attention and make the difference among the competing companies on the market! In the case of MaidinLux, our objective was to link the values of the brand to the values of Luxembourg, to express the proximity and the territorial anchoring, to use the graphic codes with the national colors... All these elements that we create define the DNA of the brand.

The next step is to make the brand known and to convince its targets.

Deploying all the major web marketing tools becomes necessary: 

- A website that will become the main tool through which the brand will be able to register its prospects and build its customer database.

- A newsletter program to inform about the latest commercial news and build customer loyalty.

- A presence on social networks to create a community of customers, prospects and potential candidates.

For MaidinLux, we developed a responsive and multilingual website in the drupal CMS  which allows prospects to make a simulation of their budget online.

Today, we manage the daily content strategy of our client for the website and for social networks.

Objective: to create relevant and regular content to optimize the natural referencing of the site and to develop a community on the networks.

With a strong brand identity, an efficient and evolving website, social networks with relevant content, MaidinLux has all the chances to succeed in its bet to become the reference in Luxembourg for quality cleaning for individuals.

Fiat 500 de l'entreprise MaidinLux
Fiat 500 de l'entreprise MaidinLux
Fiat 500 de l'entreprise MaidinLux

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