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B2B e-commerce website

How to create an online sales site that stands out from the competition with strong commercial ambitions and that is totally intuitive for its users? This is the challenge we took up for our client with a custom-designed B2B website. Discover in a few lines below how a project like Créazur Pro's is carried out:

The 1st step of the project is the functional and ergonomic design of the site.

Tree structure, headings, specificities of the product catalog, pricing policy, promotions and professional discounts, delivery conditions, payment conditions, stock management, customer account management, synchronization with the ERP... all decisions that determine the commercial strategy of the e-commerce site and that define its ergonomics and functionalities.

This design work was a determining factor in the Créazur Pro project and means that today the site offers totally atypical features such as product pricing based on customer profile and the possibility of purchasing configurable furniture sets.

All the decisions that make up the specifications are centralized in a storyboard that describes both the ergonomics of the site and its functionality.

The 2nd step: the design

As with a car, we design the body before putting in the engine! And like a car, the design is as important as the performance.

A graphic line that is both original and trendy enhances the user's experience on the site. For Créazur Pro, the web design was adapted to the target group of building professionals: in an atmosphere of simplicity and modernity, the pro is seduced by the catalog and immediately projects himself into his own projects.

Then comes the HTML integration and the back-end development of the site.

Our e-commerce sites are developed in the Drupal CMS which has the particularity of offering total adaptability. We can rely on the advanced developments of Drupal while having the possibility to customize the site and the back-office. To learn more about the Drupal CMS, read here.

Créazur Pro's e-commerce site is now highly performing and secure. The back office is clear and organized and allows Créazur's teams to manage a multitude of functionalities autonomously. Thanks to a fully scalable technical structure, it is also ready to continue its development according to the expectations of its users. 

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